City of Refuge

City of Refuge (COR) is a collaborative environment that helps individuals and families transition out of crisis into stability. In the most dangerous neighborhood in Atlanta, City of Refuge has brought partners together under one roof to deliver high-quality job training, financial literacy, education, healthcare, housing and other services to empower the marginalized to thrive. Its mission is rooted in getting to the hearts of people first and then building the necessary infrastructure needed to provide sustainability.

City of Refuge-Atlanta has strong partners like NAPA Auto Parts, Chick-fil-A, Delta Airlines and others that have expressed interest in expanding the COR model to Dallas. This level of partnership creates both a uniqueness and sustainability to continue our goal of providing hope to an underserved population.

Bonton Farms has partnered with Mike Reinsel, CEO of City of Refuge-Dallas, to lead this project and implement best practices and programs from Atlanta and elsewhere.